ESR136 Regulator/Rectifier Suzuki LT models ATV by Electrosport – ElectroSport
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ESR136 Regulator/Rectifier Suzuki LT models ATV

ESR136 Regulator/Rectifier Suzuki LT models ATV

$ 114.00

ESR136 is a high quality regulator/rectifier that replaces the OEM regulator on various Suzuki ATVs. Our ESR136 is a modern and efficient unit that far outperforms the OEM part both in efficiency as well as in reliability.

We built it on a compact and modern heat sink, used high quality lead wires and connectors, incorporated the newest generation of regulation circuits and the result is a superior regulator compared to what is stock on these Suzuki ATVs.

This ESR136 comes with a full one year warranty.

This product is known to fit:
1987 SUZUKI LT-4WD Quadrunner
1988 SUZUKI LT-4WD Quadrunner
1988 SUZUKI LT-F250 Quadrunner
1989 SUZUKI LT-4WD Quadrunner
1989 SUZUKI LT-F250 Quadrunner
1989 SUZUKI LT160E Quadrunner
1990 SUZUKI LT-4WD Quadrunner
1990 SUZUKI LT-F250 Quadrunner
1990 SUZUKI LT160E Quadrunner
1991 SUZUKI LT-4WD Quadrunner
1991 SUZUKI LT-F160 Quadrunner
1991 SUZUKI LT-F250 Quadrunner
1991 SUZUKI LT-F4WDX King Quad
1991 SUZUKI LT160E Quadrunner
1992 SUZUKI LT-4WD Quadrunner
1992 SUZUKI LT-F160 Quadrunner
1992 SUZUKI LT-F250 Quadrunner
1992 SUZUKI LT-F4WDX King Quad
1992 SUZUKI LT160E Quadrunner
1993 SUZUKI LT-4WD Quadrunner
1993 SUZUKI LT-F160 Quadrunner
1993 SUZUKI LT-F250 Quadrunner
1993 SUZUKI LT-F4WDX King Quad
1994 SUZUKI LT-4WD Quadrunner
1994 SUZUKI LT-F160 Quadrunner
1994 SUZUKI LT-F250 Quadrunner
1994 SUZUKI LT-F4WDX King Quad
1995 SUZUKI LT-4WD Quadrunner
1995 SUZUKI LT-F160 Quadrunner
1995 SUZUKI LT-F250 Quadrunner
1995 SUZUKI LT-F4WDX King Quad
1996 SUZUKI LT-4WD Quadrunner
1996 SUZUKI LT-F160 Quadrunner
1996 SUZUKI LT-F250 Quadrunner
1996 SUZUKI LT-F4WDX King Quad
1997 SUZUKI LT-4WD Quadrunner
1997 SUZUKI LT-F160 Quadrunner
1997 SUZUKI LT-F250 Quadrunner
1997 SUZUKI LT-F4WD Quadrunner
1997 SUZUKI LT-F4WDX King Quad
1998 SUZUKI LT-F160 Quadrunner
1998 SUZUKI LT-F250 Quadrunner
1998 SUZUKI LT-F4WD Quadrunner
1998 SUZUKI LT-F4WDX King Quad
1999 SUZUKI LT-F160 Quadrunner
1999 SUZUKI LT-F250 Quadrunner
1999 SUZUKI LT-F250F Quadrunner 4x4
1999 SUZUKI LT-F300F King Quad 4x4
2000 SUZUKI LT-F160 Quadrunner
2000 SUZUKI LT-F250 Quadrunner
2000 SUZUKI LT-F250F Quadrunner 4x4
2000 SUZUKI LT-F300F King Quad 4x4
2001 SUZUKI LT-F160 Quadrunner
2001 SUZUKI LT-F250 Quadrunner
2001 SUZUKI LT-F250F Quadrunner 4x4
2001 SUZUKI LT-F300F King Quad 4x4
2003 SUZUKI LT160 Quadrunner
2004 SUZUKI LT160 Quadrunner