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About Us

ElectroSport has been supplying electrical components for Street Bikes, Dirt Bikes and ATVs since 1998. Our product range includes stators, regulator/rectifiers, CDI ignitions and electrical accessories. We offer our wide range of plug and play replacement and performance parts to individual consumers as well as to dealers and distributors.


Our Aliso Viejo location in Southern California facilitates design and testing by putting us in close proximity to motocross tracks, the desert, dunes, and ideal street riding conditions. Since we have been in this business so long we have gained tremendous experience with stator, regulator and CDI products. This experience translates into a well designed replacement part that will outlast the OEM item it replaces.

Procom Engineering acquired the ElectroSport brand in 2010 and with that all stator and regulator/rectifier products, as well as the CDI/ECU modules are being manufactured in our own Procom manufacturing facility by Procom staff. Our comprehensive product knowledge as well as direct control over all aspects of manufacturing and testing processes are critical to us being able to control quality. The result is a beautiful and very high quality product.

Contact us by phone (949)-305-4200 or email: info@electrosport.com

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