ESG175 Stator Aprilia-Vespa-Piaggio 58037R by Electrosport – ElectroSport
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ESG175 Stator Aprilia-Vespa-Piaggio 58037R

ESG175 Stator Aprilia-Vespa-Piaggio 58037R

$ 124.00

ESG175 is a high quality stator that replaces the OEM stator in several Aprilia / Piaggo / Vespa applications. ElectroSport manufactures the ESG175 stator starting with a brand new stator core made of special material that has very low magnetic resistance. We use the highest grade copper wire for the windings which are installed using computer controlled winding machines for optimum results.

Our lead wires are of very high quality and we chose a type that is abrasion and heat resistant. The rubber seals, higher quality pulser coil, and connectors are an exact match for the original stator making this ESG175 a plug in replacement.

With the top notch materials and design features chosen our ESG175 stator offers superior performance and reliability.

Like all stators manufactured by ElectroSport this ESG175 stator also comes with a full one year warranty.