ESG024 Stator Suzuki GS1000, GS1100, GSX1100 models (80-86) by Electrosport – ElectroSport
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ESG024 Stator Suzuki GS1000, GS1100, GSX1100 models (80-86)

ESG024 Stator Suzuki GS1000, GS1100, GSX1100 models (80-86)

$ 159.00

ESG024 stator is a very high quality stator that replaces the OEM stator in the Suzuki GS1000G (81-83), GS1100G (82-83), GS1100E (81-82), GS1100EZ (82-83) and GS1150E (83-86) models. Note that the 16-valve models were called GSX1100 and GSX1150 in markets outside the US.

ElectroSport radically improved upon the design of the OEM stator which was not known for its reliability. ESG024 uses the best grade of copper wire for the windings, and the best quality lamination materials for optimum performance and reliability.

We added very high quality lead wires with high temperature and chafe resistant insulation and we installed the rubber grommet seal and connectors so this stator is a plug in replacement for your OEM stator.

If your Suzuki still utilizes the OEM regulator and rectifier we highly recommend also replacing these units with our modern regulator/rectifier, which depending on the Suzuki model will be the ESR090, ESR100 , ESR101 or ESR130. In combination with our ESG024 stator these ElectroSport regulator/rectifiers will offer a perfect charging output across the RPM range and superior reliability. ElectroSport is well known for its know-how of Suzuki electrical systems. This new stator is no exception and is the best replacement stator you can buy for your Suzuki GS. Like all other stators manufactured by ElectroSport this ESG024 also carries a one year warranty.