ESG090 Stator 3-Phase by Electrosport – ElectroSport
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ESG090 Stator 3-Phase

ESG090 Stator 3-Phase

$ 169.00

ESG090 is a high quality stator can be used as a higher output replacement for the OEM stator.

Output is about 20% more than the OEM unit. ESG090 is built with the highest grade lamination materials and the copper windings are triple insulated for maximum reliability.

ESG090 has very high grade wire leads installed and it comes with extra sleeving and connectors to facilitate easy installation. It is a very cost-effective replacement unit for when the OEM stator failed, and it comes with a full one year warranty.

Power Output: 260W @ 3500RPM *The actual power output varies depending on the configuration and condition of the charging system. Actual performance is typically within 10% of this value. 260W @ 3500RPM*

This product is known to fit:
1987 SUZUKI VS1400GL Intruder
1988 HONDA NX650 Dominator
1988 SUZUKI VS1400GL Intruder
1989 HONDA NX650 Dominator
1989 SUZUKI VS1400GL Intruder
1990 HONDA NX650 Dominator
1990 SUZUKI VS1400GL Intruder
1991 HONDA NX650 Dominator
1991 SUZUKI VS1400GL Intruder
1992 HONDA NX650 Dominator
1992 SUZUKI VS1400GL Intruder
1993 HONDA NX650 Dominator
1993 HONDA XR650L
1993 SUZUKI VS1400GL Intruder
1994 HONDA NX650 Dominator
1994 HONDA XR650L
1994 SUZUKI VS1400GL Intruder
1995 HONDA NX650 Dominator
1995 HONDA XR650L
1995 SUZUKI VS1400GL Intruder
1996 HONDA NX650 Dominator
1996 HONDA XR650L
1996 SUZUKI VS1400GLP Intruder
1997 HONDA NX650 Dominator
1997 HONDA XR650L
1997 SUZUKI VS1400GLP Intruder
1998 HONDA NX650 Dominator
1998 HONDA XR650L
1998 KAWASAKI ZX-9R Ninja
1998 SUZUKI VS1400GLP Intruder
1999 HONDA NX650 Dominator
1999 HONDA XR650L
1999 KAWASAKI ZX-9R Ninja
1999 SUZUKI VS1400GLP Intruder
2000 HONDA NX650 Dominator
2000 HONDA XR650L
2000 SUZUKI VS1400GLP Intruder
2001 HONDA NX650 Dominator
2001 HONDA XR650L
2001 SUZUKI VS1400GLP Intruder
2002 HONDA NX650 Dominator
2002 HONDA XR650L
2002 SUZUKI VS1400GLP Intruder
2003 HONDA XR650L
2003 SUZUKI VS1400GLP Intruder
2004 HONDA XR650L
2004 SUZUKI VS1400GLP Intruder
2005 HONDA XR650L
2005 SUZUKI VS1400 / S83 Intruder
2006 HONDA XR650L
2006 SUZUKI VS1400 / S83 Intruder
2007 HONDA XR650L
2007 SUZUKI VS1400 / S83 Intruder
2008 HONDA XR650L
2009 HONDA XR650L
2012 HONDA XR650L
2013 HONDA XR650L
2014 HONDA XR650L
2015 HONDA XR650L
2016 HONDA XR650L
2017 HONDA XR650L