ESG741 Stator Honda CBR600F Hurricane 87-90 by Electrosport – ElectroSport
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ESG741 Stator Honda CBR600F Hurricane 87-90

ESG741 Stator Honda CBR600F Hurricane 87-90

$ 179.00
  1. ESG741 is a better than OEM replacement stator for the Honda CBR600F. We manufacture it in our own facility using the best quality materials for the winding, core, lead wires and seals.

We have improved on many aspects of the stock stator design: our copper wire is rated higher than OEM, the lead wires are more abrasion resistant and can withstand heat better. The coatings we use allow for better heat transfer which makes the unit run cooler.

Due to the increased efficiency in its configuration ESG741 offers slightly higher output than stock especially at lower RPMs. However, the stock regulator/rectifier will be able to handle this power fine as long as it is in good condition.

Like all stators we manufacture we offer ESG741 with a full one year warranty.