ESG749 Stator Honda VF500F/VF500C (84-86) by Electrosport – ElectroSport
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ESG749 Stator Honda VF500F/VF500C (84-86)

ESG749 Stator Honda VF500F/VF500C (84-86)

$ 179.00

ESG749 is a better than OEM replacement stator for the Honda OEM stator in the VF500F and VF500C Magna models. This stator is a Plug-in replacement and is built using modern materials for stator laminations, coating for the windings, and the quality and rating of the copper wire is superior to the OEM unit.

Power output is about 15% more than stock and the OEM regulator/rectifier will have no problems handling this extra power.

Like all stators and regulator/rectifiers manufactured by ElectroSport this ESG749 also comes with a full one year warranty.