ESG702 Stator Ducati ST2/ST3/ST4 - 018.1A/2A/3A by Electrosport – ElectroSport
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ESG702 Stator Ducati ST2/ST3/ST4 - 018.1A/2A/3A

ESG702 Stator Ducati ST2/ST3/ST4 - 018.1A/2A/3A

$ 189.00

ESG702 is a high quality plug-in replacement for the OEM stator in your Ducati. We supply it like the OEM unit with high quality wiring, rubber grommet, and connector, ready to drop into the side case.

Our engineers spent a substantial amount of time determining what the issues are with the OEM Ducati stators and designed the ESG702 stator to be a superior unit compared to the original Ducati stator.

ESG702 uses the best materials throughout: the lead wires, the copper windings, core material and rubber components are all of the highest quality. At the same time we succeeded in bringing the operating temperature down compared to stock by fine-tuning the winding configuration.

With ESG702 ElectroSport offers a very cost-effective high quality replacement for a failed or damaged OEM stator which comes with a full one year warranty.