ESG845 Stator BMW S1000RR / HP4 / S1000R by Electrosport – ElectroSport
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ESG845 Stator BMW S1000RR / HP4 / S1000R

ESG845 Stator BMW S1000RR / HP4 / S1000R

$ 279.00

ESG845 is a very high quality stator that replaces the OEM stator in the BMW S1000RR / HP4 / S1000R.

ElectroSport manufactures the ESG845 stator using a high quality core and the highest grade copper wire for the windings. The reconfigured winding configuration from stock and the high magnetic conductivity of the new stator core result in vastly improved efficiency compared to stock.

Our ESG831 stator offers a beautiful flat power output across the RPM range and it also runs much cooler than the stock BMW stator, which drastically improves reliability. We install very high grade lead wires that feature heat and chafe resistant insulation and high quality rubber seals and insulation coatings making this stator a plug in replacement of the BMW OEM unit.

Like all stators manufactured by ElectroSport, this ESG845 also comes with a full one year warranty.