ESG210 Stator Honda CB900/750/650 - Outer stator by Electrosport – ElectroSport
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ESG210 Stator Honda CB900/750/650 - Outer stator

ESG210 Stator Honda CB900/750/650 - Outer stator

$ 179.00

ESG210 is a high quality stator designed as a plug-in replacement for the OEM stator in your Honda CB750 or CB900. And if you don't mind changing 5-pin connector and extending the oil pressure lead on this part it will also drop right into the CB650 models between 1979 and 1982.

Our ESG210 stator comes with wiring and rubber grommet attached, connection rings to hook up to the carbon brushes, and is ready to drop into the side case. This new stator is built with the highest grade lamination materials and the copper windings are triple insulated for maximum reliability. It is a very cost-effective high quality replacement for a failed or damaged OEM stator and comes with a full one year warranty.

We also carry the ESF901 rotor to replace the stock alternator rotor.

Resistance between the YELLOW leads: 0.7-1.0 .

Between any YELLOW lead and GROUND: Open Circuit (OL on display)